Bring Spring on Paper

Stanislava Nekova, Silistra
Stanislava Nekova, Silistra  🙂

The national contest for children’s drawing “Bring spring on paper” is a well-known forum of children’s creativity and is highly popular throughout the country. The number of drawings received helps it give a good idea of the high level of children’s creative accomplishment nowadays.This is completely natural given that Kyustendil has established as a traditional center of creating and exhibiting art.The contest gives the start of many culture events, related with the traditional for the town of Kyustendili celebrations- “Kyustendil spring”.The subject “Bring spring on paper” is unlimited, children are free to improvise with different materials, creating still-life, flowers, figured compositions or free styled images of gentle colors in spring harmony. The wealth of techniques used is impressive: oil cartons, applications, aquarelle, distemper, crayons, mosaic, stained glass, dry needles and different other mixed techniques.No matter the weather, ever since 2008, spring comes first on the papers of the children of Bulgaria.

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